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Commercial Law Case Study

Commercial law case study encompasses the rights of the person and the business organization and their interrelations with each other and their conduct concerning commerce, trade, merchandise and sales. These kinds of case studies come under the purview of civil law. The commercial law case study may deal with both private law and public law issues. In commercial law case study, a situation is provided involving the questions of facts and law. The students are required to identify the question of law and facts and provide adequate suggestion to solve the situation. They can also support their answers by citing examples of eminent case laws or precedents, relevant court decisions and particular Sections of Acts of Legislation.

List Of Some More Commercial Law Case Study Sample Papers

Commercial Law Case Study Examples

Commercial law case study examples may vary ranging from issues relating to the law of contract, which would concern any commercial activity. The case study may involve a dispute concerning a contract, agreement, a promise, invitation to treat and others.

For example, Mr. A picks up a book from the display shelf with a price tag showing $20. When he took the book to the shopkeeper, the shopkeeper told him that the book has already been sold, and it was the only copy left with them. Advice Mr. A if he can sue the shopkeeper for not selling off the book to him.

In this commercial law case study, the students initially need to study the case minutely pointing out all the facts of the case and then identify the branch of contact law that would apply in this situation and finally argue the rights and liabilities of the customer and the shopkeeper referring to the appropriate laws. The students can also refer to prominent court decisions to justify their points. For example, in this commercial law case study the question of law is whether an invitation of treat can be considered as a valid offer. The main essentials of offer and invitation of treat have to be mentioned and distinguish between the two. The students then must state the rights and liabilities of the customers and the shopkeepers under invitation of treat and finally support the justification where or not there has been a contract. In this case, there is no contract between the two as it was an invitation to treat and not an offer. Thus, the shopkeeper is not bound to sell the book.

Another example of commercial law case study is Mr. X, who is a municipal contractor requests Mr. Y to build a supermarket at Melbourne. Mr. Z promises to pay $200000 to Mr. Y. Mr. Y accepts the offer of Mr. Z. Is there a valid contract between Mr. Y and Mr. Z? Justify your answer.

In this commercial law case study, the students must keep the similar approach in pointing out the question of facts and law after examining the case study properly. They must determine the part of contract law that would apply to the situation. Discuss the rights and liabilities of the parties and the essentials of a valid contract that would help them to determine whether there has been any contact between them. In this commercial law case study help, if we examine carefully we will find that there is no such valid contract between the parties, as a contract must have a valid consideration as its foremost essential, which is missing ion this contract. Hence, no contract exists between the parties.

These are the types of commercial law case studies where the students are required to study the situations provided by their professors, find out the question of facts and laws, and then justify the findings stated by them in the light of relevant Acts of legislations or court decisions.

Why Are Students Required To Analyze Commercial Law Case Study

Commercial law case study forms an integral part of the law curriculum of the students of UK, USA, and Australia. The main reason for inserting commercial law case study in curriculum is to test the ability of the students to point out the question of facts from a given situation of dispute and to identify the question of law in it.

It is also not easy to recognize the relevant laws that would apply to that situation in the Starbucks Case Study as we have a number of Legislations. The students again have to point out the appropriate sections that would apply to that situation. Repeated practice of solving case laws will help the students to be familiar with the sections of the Acts of legislations. They will remain updated with the various recent and old significant judgments of the court. This will help them in their future when they will handle real situations.

Applying the relevant laws in the question of facts and laws would enable the students to argue their cases in the court of law in the appropriate manner. This tremendously helps the students in their upcoming career to apply the laws in situations of disputes systematically. Finally, writing a good conclusion enables the students to present the case before the court of law precisely. This will help the students to place the case before the court in an attractive and convincing manner so that the case is readily accepted by the court of law. Thus, commercial law case study occupies a major portion in the curriculum of legal studies.

What Should Be The Approach Of Students Towards The Commercial Law Case Study?

The students are required to analyze commercial law case studies by following the four-step method commonly known as IRAC method.

I stand of Identification of facts;

R stands for Rule or Relevant law,

A stands for Application of the law and

C stands for Conclusion.

The commercial law case study must be read carefully and minutely, and the facts of the case have to be pointed out mentioning clearly the question of facts and the question of law. In the second step, the students must point out the relevant laws citing proper sections and legislations that would be applicable in the case study to justify the situation. The students can the support their answers by pointing out major decisions of the court. Next, they have to apply skillfully those cited laws to the pointed out facts to justify the situation and solve it. Finally, the students need to conclude the commercial law case study by summarizing all the facts of the case and the laws applicable to the situation and stating his own views and arguments that why in his opinion he has made the just justification. 

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What Challenges Do Students Face While Answering Commercial Law Case Study?

The law students face challenges in almost four steps while solving the commercial law case study. The students fail to recognize the appropriate facts in the case in the given commercial law case study. There may be more than one question of fact and law in the commercial law case study. Proper recognition of facts requires extreme concentration or experience.

Secondly, selecting the appropriate and relevant law in response to the question of facts and law in the given commercial law case study requires extreme knowledge and practice in all the sections of the all the Acts of legislation related to commercial law case study. The students often fail to cite major court cases while answering case studies. Citing case laws forms a crucial part of commercial law case study as it reinforces the authenticity of the arguments provided by the students.  Thereby, the students are required to cite the exact case laws or major decisions of the court to support their answers.

Thirdly, applying the relevant laws in the case scenario of the commercial law case study requires special skills. The students often fail to apply the relevant laws in the case scenario in the proper sense or they fail to express and argue the case in the true and required manner.

Lastly, concluding a commercial law case study also requires special ability of the students to the present the case study precisely applying all the relevant laws and expresses his view of the statements made by him in the case scenario. This part plays a very crucial role, as the students have to give final recommendations or advice according to his wits and judgments. The advice given by him has to be relevant and appropriate accompanied with enough reasons that would make the advice apparently practical and justified.

How Can Help The Students To Avail A Perfect Commercial Law Case Study Solution Or Essay?

Our highly qualified and experienced experts guide the students to prepare a perfect solution for the commercial law case study assignment. They help the students to identify the exact question of facts and law in the commercial law case study followed by the exact identification of sections of Acts of legislation for the proper application in the given commercial law case study.

Our experts help the students to cite appropriate case laws, which would be in tune with the given commercial law case studies so that the students can represent and argue their points better. They help the students to describe the justifications and arguments provided by them in their answer.  Finally, they guide the students in writing a proper conclusion where they precisely present the case and apparently show the application of the relevant laws in the case study.

Our experts not only help the students to write a perfect solution for the commercial law case studies but also teach them how to write a solution for commercial law case studies. Our experts aim to teach the law students and help them to become proficient with the subjects rather than merely guide them to get their assignments done. In other words, they do not treat the students professionally but believes that it is their personal responsibility to impart knowledge on commercial law case studies so that they can learn and have a bright future ahead.

They provide guidance in simple language so that the students can understand the language and learn how to work on commercial law case studies. The students who might have failed to follow the class regarding the manner to answer commercial law case study, they can avail solutions from our experts that will help them to understand the concept of the situation and the methods to be followed under such situations.

Why Would The Students Trust ONLY For Their Law Assignments?

The law experts of are exceptionally qualified and experienced. They are eminent commercial law professionals. They are well versed with all Acts of legislation and the contents. They are aware of the major and recent case laws. They have guided 5000+ students with their commercial law case study assignments in which the students have succeeded to score marvelous grades in their assignments. Thereby, they are aware of all the possible modes of the law curriculum and hence, they are capable of guiding all the law students with their assignments that will enable them to attain excellent grades.

Our experts make themselves available at all possible hours to guide the students to proceed with their commercial law case studies. For any type of challenges and confusion about the commercial law case studies, they can approach our experts and avail expert advice to get their assignments done and score A+ grade in their assignments.

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Q1. How Can I Get A Quality Commercial Law Case Studies Solution?

Ans:- If you want to write a quality commercial law case study, you need to conduct extensive research. This is because you have to back up your statements in PESTLE and SWOT analysis. However, if you struggle to do so, you can avail expert tutoring services from Our experts are highly qualified, and they will provide valuable lessons on your commercial law case study. Our scholars scour through various resources to provide you with authentic examples, cases, facts, statistics, etc. They will also guide you to proofread it thoroughly and make sure that there is no plagiarism. Thus, you can expect an A+ grade.

Q2. What Should I Consider While Buying Online Commercial Law Case Studies?

Ans:- When you buy online commercial law case studies, you have to consider a number of factors. You should check for the credentials of the tutors, deadline policy, service rates, etc. However, you need not give it an ounce of thought when you buy commercial law case studies from All you have to do is specify the deadline, the part that is bothering you. Our experts will get in touch for online tutoring sessions with you on it accordingly. They will help you craft the case studies from scratch, and insert all the latest facts, along with examples, proper formatting, PESTLE and SWOT analysis.

Q3. How to answer the commercial law case study?

Ans:- When you write a commercial law case study, you have to consider the case scenario first. Based on that, you have to determine the law governing the case. Next, you have to analyze the situation, gather materials on trade law, business acts and regulations. If it’s about a company, you have to assess the internal and external factors. These involve the social, political, economic aspects, and you must also discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the company. Next, you have to provide solutions to the issues, by citing different sources. And then you round it off with a precise conclusion.

Q4. Commercial law case study examples

Ans:- Some of the commercial law case study examples involve contract dispute, legal paperwork issues of manufacturing industries. It also involves employment disputes, like salary issues, or termination. Basically, you can consider competition law, intellectual property law, labor law, international trade law. Then, you have to study copyright law, patent law related examples so that you can provide appropriate justification in your case study. You can discuss anti-corruption legislation in the UK, judicial and academic controversies related to Companies Act 2006. You can also talk about the dividing line between incompetence and dishonesty in relation to the Insolvency Act 2006.

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