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Contribute to Health and Safety of Self and Others

This unit explains the skills and knowledge that are required to work in a fashion that is healthy and safe for oneself as well as others to safely and efficiently in emergency situations. It covers the work health, safety, and emergency procedures and instructions, implementing requirements of WHS consultative processes. To carry out safety and emergency work in a defined context, an individual requires a basic knowledge of Work, Health, and Safety in a range of industry and workplace contexts. Every worker must possess the knowledge and skills to maintain safety and health in the workplace. Workplace health is essential to retain employees, increase productivity, and reduce absenteeism. To ensure the same, the workers must possess the knowledge of strategies to protect worker health and safety to ensure the health and wellbeing of others and oneself.

The assessment must be conducted in a safe environment where the evidence gathered to demonstrate the consistent performance of the typical activities experienced by workers carrying the health and safety duties in the workplace that include access to: 1.Relevant organizational policies, standard operating procedures, and instructions of work 2.Work-related acts, regulations, and practices 3.Workplace tools, resources, and equipment 4.Appropriate protective equipment appropriate for the work role and area The assessment will take place in simulated or hypothetical situations where the candidate must possess the ability to demonstrate the foundational skills and WHS relevant knowledge to solve safety and health issues in the workplace. The student must be able to competently demonstrate the skills that have been taught and trained throughout the course. Evidence of performance The candidate must demonstrate the ability to: 1.Follow relevant instructions and procedures relating to emergency incidents and WHS relevant procedures and instructions 2.Recognize and report hazards to designated personnel 3.Contribute to the WHS consultative processes Evidence of knowledge To complete the unit requirement competently and effectively, the individual must: 1.Explain workplace safety instructions and procedures including conducting regular work operations, checking systems and equipment, requirements for PPE and ways to report incidents and injuries 2.Explain and supervise to other workers the emergency procedures including fires and incidents 3.Define and explain the meanings of commonly used hazard signs and safety symbols 4.Summarize the duty holder responsibilities as specified in the WHS acts, regulations, and codes of practice including that of self and fellow workers, persons conducting businesses or undertakings, officers, others in the workplace 5.Explain the differences between risks and hazards 6.Explain the typical WHS hazards that may be present in the workplace and the harm they can cause 7.Outline some of the common processes of hazard identification and risk reduction in the workplace

Location Canberra, Australia Study level Vocational and further education Unit code BSBWHS201 Elements and Performance criteria ELEMENTS (Elements Refer to the learning outcomes) PERFORMANCE CRITERIA (performance criteria describes the performance required to demonstrate the achivement of the elements) 1.Commit to work safely 1.1 Strictly follow outlined safety prodecures and instructions when working at thr working 1.2 Carry out pre start systems and equipment checks according to workplace procedures 1.3 Follow workplace procedures for responding to emergency incidents 2.Implement the requirements of work safely 2.1 Identify designated persons to whom queries and concerns about safety in the workplace should be directed 2.2 Identify existing and potential hazards in the workplace, report them to designated persons and record them according to workplace procedures 2.3 Identify and implement WHS procedures and work instructions 2.4 Identify and report emergency incidents and injuries to designated persons according to workplace procedures 2.5 Identify WHS duty holders and their duties for own work area 3.Take part in WHS consultative processes 3.1 Contribute to workplace meetings, inspections and other WHS consultative activities 3.2 Raise WHS issues with designated persons according to organisational procedures 3.3 Take actions to eliminate workplace hazards and reduce risks Foundation Skills Foundation skills refer to the language, literacy, numeracy, and employment skills that are required to be possessed by the candidate to successfully and competently complete the elements and performance criteria. The following is a table provided with the required skills, the performance criteria they are associated with, and the description of the skills: Reading Reading skills are required to identify and interpret the WHS and emergency incidents information Writing Writing skills are required to use structures and language appropriate to context, age of audience and while developing WHS reports for other employees. Oral communication The ability to use the structured language which are appropriate for the audience and in the contexts of orally explaining reports, opinions, descriptions and explanations. These skills are also required while extracting meanings from reports, descrriptions, opinions and explanations Navigate the world of work The ability to take responsibilities in following WHS legal requirements The ability to follow the protocols and procedures related to one’s own role The ability to seek guidance from other workers when the WHS issues are outside one’s scope of immediate responsibilities Completing the work expected The ability to plan, organise and implement routine tasks in order to enhance health and safety at the workplace Select and implement actions from predetermined procedures

Performance evidence – 50% Knowledge evidence – 50%

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